Part 1 - Lighthouse Foundations

Just as a beacon of light streaming from a lighthouse signals safety and direction to a ship at sea, an Aglow Lighthouse should signal safety and set a course toward Christ in the heart of every person. God has designed Aglow Lighthouses to spiritually impact communities around the world.

Prayer, passion, and preparation create an atmosphere in each Lighthouse where the Presence of God dwells and people are ignited to change. Although the design of each Lighthouse differs, the foundation is the same:

    Every Lighthouse is led by qualified leaders who:
      - Seek God’s heart for the community.
      - Are aligned with Aglow’s purpose and mission.
      - Attend Area Leadership Training events and strive to attend 
      - Global, National, Regional, and other Area events when possible.
      - Share the vision and purpose of Aglow on a regular basis.

   The Lighthouse Team is trans-denominational.

   The Lighthouse Team can be tri-generational.

   Every Lighthouse receives oversight and direction from an Area Team.

   Each Lighthouse provides a safe place to:
      - Find salvation.
      - Renew relationships with the Lord.
      - Receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
      - Become aware of the three Biblical mandates of Aglow.

(Excerpts taken from "The Leader’s Digest for Lighthouse Ministry, January 2016")

If you are interested in learning more about starting a lighthouse in the East Central Florida Area, please contact, Rebecca Alpizar at ecfaglow@gmail.com.


As we dive into 2016 and begin to "reframe Aglow's identity," it's important for us to understand an important foundation of Aglow's ministry...our lighthouses. 

Aglow began as a Spirit-led, woman-to-woman ministry in 1967, when four women prayed for women to come together without denominational boundaries. Today, Aglow has transformed into a force that is needed for today’s end-time work. We are a Kingdom company filled with warriors, champions, and global leaders of significance. Aglow is establishing powerful Kingdom communities in cities, towns, and villages in every nation through teachings that are opening the eyes of the Body of Christ to see their true identity of who God made them to be in Christ. (Taken from Aglow International's Lighthouse Leaders Digest)

Our lighthouses are ground-zero for community transformations and life-changing encounters with the Holy Spirit. Each month, our teams plan and prepare to bring the Good News to those who are hurting, broken, defeated and unloved. This series, "Lighthouse Basics," is intended to share an understanding of the "who" and "why's" that make up our lighthouses, and to also provide information on how you can be a part of a team, or even start a lighthouse in your community.

Aglow International has lighthouses in over 172 nations! Stay tuned to find out how you can join us!! 

Rebecca Alpizar
Area President
Email: rebecca.alpizar@yahoo.com


2016 Vision for East Central Florida Aglow

Let me start by saying that the 2015 Global Conference "As One," in Indianapolis, was an incredible, game-changing conference! Leadership directives were handed down, prophetic words were declared and there was a tangible shift that took place over our entire ministry! This is an exciting time to be a part of Aglow and as Graham put it, "...Aglow as we knew it is dying off gradually and God is reinventing Aglow, He's retooling Aglow, upgrading Aglow and so our DNA is changing as an organization!" It's that an exciting statement as we step into our 49th year as a global ministry!!

As I sought the Lord for the area vision for 2016, He reminded me of Graham's statement and stated that we (as an area) needed to "reframe our identity." Aglow has changed over it's 49 years and many people who knew Aglow way back when, don't see where the ministry is NOW. I believe that God spoke this to me because we are supposed to share the new identity of Aglow with those in our communities and in our area. We are an apostolic movement...we are global...and we are GAMECHANGERS!! 

I am truly looking forward to all that God has planned for east central Florida...new lighthouses, communities transformed and lives changed. What an amazing time to be alive!

Many blessings in 2016!
Rebecca Alpizar
Area President


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